Art Nouveau adjustable polished steel Standard Lamp

Art Nouveau adjustable polished steel Standard Lamp:
the tripod stand with typical ‘whiplash’ metal supports, lower corona and spade feet; originally for oil with extendable top stem from centre brass ring, Circa 1890, restored and wired for electricity.
Maximum height 74″- 188 to shade ring. Lamp shade not supplied.

Height: 53" - 135.0cm
Width: 25" - 54.0cm
Glossary Words

Art Nouveau

Late 19th and early 20th Century style originating in France and Belgium. Its influence spread all over Europe and America through periodicals like the Studio magazine. Typical characteristics were the whiplash, stylised swirling flower and plant motifs, female forms and sometimes sinister-looking insects. See Gallé, Lalique, Daum..

colza oil

A non-drying, yellow oil with little odour, obtained from the seeds of brassica campestris. In the Regency period, this was burned to provide light. See Argand.

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