Elegant pointed ‘Acorn’ Lantern with gilded ‘greek key’ mount

Elegant pointed ‘Acorn’ Lantern with gilded ‘greek key’ mount


Elegant pointed ‘Acorn’ Lantern with gilded ‘Greek key’ mount:
the glass with diamond and slice-cutting and pointed finial.
Circa 1900, and restored.

Height: 8½" - 22cm
Width: 9" - 23cm


(from mid-18th Century) When this style took over from the rococo, its heavier forms took inspiration from the baroque. It featured highly decorative swags and borders, and other classical motifs, popularised by the contemporary archaeological finds at Herculaneum and Pompeii. See Adam's style.


A term adopted about 1900 to describe chandeliers specifically made for electricity. The very first electricity supply systems were from 1882. Important country houses had their own generators installed, such as Chatsworth House in 1895. Electricity became more commonly used in middle class homes from 1900.


Of the reign of King Edward VII (1901-1910). Following on from the highly-ornamented Victorian age, the Edwardians' style was simpler, with weighty, classical lines, and decorous floral patterns. It celebrated the new electric era but they still continued to use candles, oil and gas in different parts of the house.

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