Four-branch Art Nouveau gilded floral Chandelier

Four-branch Art Nouveau gilded floral Chandelier:
in the form of three flowering branches with fourth flower below;
with twisting leaves and petals, tied with a gilded ribbon bow.
French, circa 1890-1900, and restored.

Height: 37" - 94.0cm
Width: 23" - 58.5cm
Glossary Words

Art Nouveau

Late 19th and early 20th Century style originating in France and Belgium. Its influence spread all over Europe and America through periodicals like the Studio magazine. Typical characteristics were the whiplash, stylised swirling flower and plant motifs, female forms and sometimes sinister-looking insects. See Gallé, Lalique, Daum..


A term adopted about 1900 to describe chandeliers specifically made for electricity. The very first electricity supply systems were from 1882. Important country houses had their own generators installed, such as Chatsworth House in 1895. Electricity became more commonly used in middle class homes from 1900.

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