Lalique ‘Dahlias’ frosted and polished glass Plafonnier

Lalique ‘Dahlias’ frosted and polished glass Plafonnier


Lalique ‘Dahlias’ frosted and polished glass Plafonnier:
with convex moulded design of dahlia flowers and leaves; with a pale blue tint and matching top cone; suspended on four pale gold rope-twist cords; lit by a central lampholder. Design from 1921.

Height: 28" - 71.0cm
Width: 12" - 30.5cm

Lalique, Rene

Rene Lalique (1860-1945), a leading French designer of Art Nouveau and Art Déco jewellery, and of glass from 1891. His pressed and frosted glass ceiling bowls and vases featured reliefs of natural motifs and sinuous female forms typical of the period.

moulded glass

Glass that is blown into a mould and has soft, uncut edges.

Art Déco

A popular movement in the 1920s and 30s, promoted by Ruhlmann and other great Paris furniture manufacturers, and the big department stores. The style was influenced by Aztec and Egyptian design, the Ballets Russes, Hollywood musicals and the new ocean-going liners. It featured stepped and geometric designs, sunrays and chevrons.

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