English six-branch gilded and glass Chandelier after Perry

English six-branch gilded and glass Chandelier after Perry


English six-branch gilded and glass Chandelier after Perry:
the slice-cut baluster stem with gilded leaf decoration and scrolling ornament; dressed with graduated festoons of ‘double star’ prisms and gilt-mounted long pear-shaped pendants.
After a pattern by Perry & Co. of Bond Street, London, originally designed for gas of 1880, the hollow arms wired with electric candles.

Height: 39" - 99.0cm
Width: 36" - 91.5cm

Perry & Co

William Perry opened a shop at 72 New Bond Street in 1817 as Glass Manufacturer to the Prince Regent. The firm continued under different ownerships until the Depression of 1930. Perry produced a range of magnificent chandeliers, generally suitable for palaces. During the second half of the nineteenth century, at least, their name was linked with a particular kind of chandelier. It featured long, slender stem-pieces centring on an urn-shaped section, with generous double-ogee canopies above and a similar shaped dish inverted as a receiver bowl for the branches. Arms were normally rope-twist, often with moulded drip pans. There were seldom glass candle cups, merely a short tube with a saveall. The chandelier would be profusely dressed with graduated festoons of 'double-star' prisms and English 'pear' pendants, often alternating with clear spheres, and below, a faceted, pointed finial. They closed in 1921.

gilded, gilt

A very thin layer of gold applied to brass or bronze.

cut glass

Often now referred to as 'crystal', the glass was blown and shaped, then passed to a specialist cutter, who would polish and cut patterns to enhance its brilliance.


A term used to describe the stems of chandeliers, meaning shaped like a balustrade; curvaceous, with a series of urns.


A hanging garland of prisms or flowers.

'double star' prisms

Round cut-glass prisms with star-cuttings on both sides. One of the finest of prisms, generally used on Regency and later chandeliers by Perry & Co.

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