Pair of Wedgwood ‘Blue Jasper’ Rise-and-Fall Lights

Pair of Wedgwood ‘Blue Jasper’ Rise-and-Fall Lights


Pair of Wedgwood ‘Blue Jasper’ Rise-and-Fall Lights:
the centre bow with Wedgwood cartouche and lead-filled counterbalance weight; each bearing swirl patterned pointed glass shades.
Height given is as shown but can be adjusted.
In the Edwardian style.

Height: 42" - 107.0cm
Width: 27½" - 70.0cm
Glossary Words


Josiah Wedgwood 1730-1795, an English ceramics manufacturer particularly renowned for his Jasperware, with its neo-classical design in white on a pastel blue, green or black background.


Tablet or panel like a piece of paper with scrolling edges.


Of the reign of King Edward VII (1901-1910). Following on from the highly-ornamented Victorian age, the Edwardians' style was simpler, with weighty, classical lines, and decorous floral patterns. It celebrated the new electric era but they still continued to use candles, oil and gas in different parts of the house.

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