Rise-and-fall hanging light with swirled opalescent glass Shade

Rise-and-fall hanging light with swirled opalescent glass Shade


Rise-and-fall Hanging Light with swirled opalescent glass Shade:
the counterbalance weight allowing adjustable height; with Arts and Crafts ‘waisted’ shade and delicate pie-crust edge.
Circa 1900 and rewired.

Height: 21" - 53.4cm
Width: 7" - 17.7cm
Glossary Words


A name for streaked, white to yellowy-green, semi-transparent glass, popular in the late 19th century, as in the glass shades made by Powell's of Whitefriars. Also known as vaseline glass.

Arts and Crafts

The Arts and Crafts movement, based on the writings of John Ruskin and William Morris, was more a way of thinking and making than a style. It flourished between 1880 and 1920 and was a reaction against mass-produced factory goods. The revival of handicrafts produced metalwork which emphasised the toolmarks and how it was constructed. Favourite motifs included hearts, fish, flowers, fruit, birds, galleons. W. A. S. Benson designed light-fittings for Morris & Co., made at his workshop in Hammersmith, and also had his own shop in Bond Street.

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