Six branch mid 19th Century cut glass Chandelier

Six branch mid 19th Century cut glass Chandelier


Six branch mid 19th Century cut glass Chandelier:
with petal-shaped cutting to the glass baluster stem, candle-cups and candle-pans; dressed profusely with graduated festoons and hangers of Victorian prisms and pear-shaped pendants; with hollow pointed finial.
Originally for gas, circa 1860, now restored and prepared for electric wiring.

Height: 36" - 92.0cm
Width: 29" - 74.0cm

cut glass

Often now referred to as 'crystal', the glass was blown and shaped, then passed to a specialist cutter, who would polish and cut patterns to enhance its brilliance.


A term used to describe the stems of chandeliers, meaning shaped like a balustrade; curvaceous, with a series of urns.


A hanging garland of prisms or flowers.


The Victorian era corresponds with the reign of Queen Victoria in England from 1839 to 1901.

English 'pear' pendant

Pear-shaped cut-glass pendant with a facetted front and pointed star back.


Ornament forming a finishing flourish.

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