Six candle-branch cut glass and rock crystal ormolu Chandelier

Six candle-branch cut glass and rock crystal ormolu Chandelier


Six candle-branch cut glass and rock crystal and ormolu Chandelier:
the gilded frame with numerous beaded chains from fronded top corona to ‘free-swinging’ crown, and down to six-branch beaded ring; dressed with swags, pear pendants, inner spire ornament and ball finial. French, circa 1900 and restored.

Height: 43" - 106.5cm
Width: 24" - 61.0cm

cut glass

Often now referred to as 'crystal', the glass was blown and shaped, then passed to a specialist cutter, who would polish and cut patterns to enhance its brilliance.

rock crystal

Natural quartz. Characterised by its fractures, it has a fairy-tale quality when used in chandeliers. Usually clear, it can also be rose, smoke, amber, amethyst, and other colours. It is widely used as an ornamental stone and is also used as a HYPERLINK "" t "_top" gemstone.


A term derived from the French 'or moulu' (ground gold). This special gilding technique is no longer used. It is now done by electro-plating, which uses a chemical process to apply a thin layer of gold. See gilded.

gilded, gilt

A very thin layer of gold applied to brass or bronze.

French 'pear' pendant

Pear-shaped pendant with flat front and star-cut back, the angular edges giving a sharper form than the English pear.


Ornament forming a finishing flourish.

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