Verlys mauve-hued ‘Sunflower’ Plafonnier with silver-plated mount

Verlys mauve-hued ‘Sunflower’ Plafonnier with silver-plated mount


Verlys mauve-hued ‘Sunflower’ Plafonnier with silver-plated mount:
the frosted glass bowl with moulded design of sunflowers and leaves, with a clear ball centre finial; the mount with gallery of glass beads.
Circa 1930s and restored.

Height: 14" - 36.0cm
Width: 5½" - 14.0cm

plafonnier, plafonnière

Ceiling bowl set straight onto the ceiling.


In 1925, the Societe Holophane Français, a glassworks near Rouen, expanded from making vehicle headlights into making art glass vases and bowls. They created a separate department called 'Verlys' for these works. Initially the pieces were blown vessels with several layers of glass, smooth on the outside with internal decoration. From 1933 onward, Verlys focused on high quality press-moulds. They produced clear, frosted, opalescent and colored items with designs typical of Lalique-style glass of the 1930s. In 1935, they established 'Verlys of America' in Newark, Ohio. Moulds were supplied from France for the Ohio works. Many items were produced simultaneously in France and the USA. As happened with many companies, they declined during the Second World War and changed focus to industrial products.

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