Versailles style French gilded-bronze Lantern

Versailles style French gilded-bronze Lantern


Versailles style French gilded-bronze Lantern:
so named after the original hanging in ‘Escalier du Roi’, Versailles; surmonted by a crown with fleur de lis motifs; gilt bronze mounts in the form of a jewel box with foliate studs on each corner and decorated with shells and Neptune; inset with beveled glass panels;
Circa 1900 and restored.

Height: 31" - 78cm
Width: 13" - 33cm

gilded, gilt

A very thin layer of gold applied to brass or bronze.

Escalier du Roi

The grand staircase at the Palace of Versailles, leading to the top Chapel. The lantern in this position, which we call 'Versailles', has bevelled glass panels and an ornate gilded frame like a jewel casket.

fleur de lys

The famous stylised lily associated with French royalty.


This word is often used of decoration in our descriptions and means leafy.

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