Art Deco opaline glass ‘Sunflower’ Dish Light

Art Deco opaline glass ‘Sunflower’ Dish Light

Art Deco opaline glass ‘Sunflower’ Dish Light


Art Deco opaline glass ‘Sunflower’ Dish Light:
the dish in the form of a sunflower head; suspended by
three silver-plated chains to three-way decorative boss.
Circa 1930, similar to model by ‘VERRERIE DES VOSGES’,
restored and rewired with single lampholder.

Glossary Words

Art Déco

A popular movement in the 1920s and 30s, promoted by Ruhlmann and other great Paris furniture manufacturers, and the big department stores. The style was influenced by Aztec and Egyptian design, the Ballets Russes, Hollywood musicals and the new ocean-going liners. It featured stepped and geometric designs, sunrays and chevrons.

top boss, boss

A knob or stud or other round, protruding ornament; the architectural term meaning circular roundel on a the crossing of a ceiling vault. We use 'top boss' to describe the decorative metal knob where the chains or struts meet at the top of a chandelier.

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