18th Century Dutch six-branch brass Chandelier

18th Century Dutch six-branch brass Chandelier


18th Century Dutch six-branch brass Chandelier:
the knopped stem with central sphere incised with circles; the six scrolling candle branches bearing knopped spire finials and candle pans of concave three-stepped form; above, six star-shaped reflectors and trefoil loop.

Height: 21" - 53.5cm
Width: 24" - 61.0cm
Glossary Words


Style of brass chandelier dating from the 17th century, the main features being a baluster stem, S-shaped branches and a reflective sphere, sometimes with up to four tiers of candle branches. It features frequently in paintings of 17th century Dutch interiors. Amusingly, in Holland, this style is known as English! In the U.S.A. it is commonly referred to as Williamsburg.


Ornament forming a finishing flourish.


A three-leaved form.

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