Austrian Lobmeyr style glass Chandelier with six candle branches

Austrian Lobmeyr style glass Chandelier with six candle branches


Austrian Lobmeyr style glass Chandelier with six candle branches:
with white opaline flower body and small variously coloured flowers, the green leaves with gilt painted vein decoration; with gilded metalwork.
Circa 1870 restored and prepared for electric wiring. A larger chandelier of the same style hangs at Osborne house, The Isle of Wight, photographed in-situ in the 19th Century.

Height: 34" - 87.0cm
Width: 24" - 61.0cm
Further Information
A similar Chandelier hangs in Osborne House and is recorded in nineteenth-century photographs of Osborne. Research has revealed that it was probably made by the famed Viennese glass company, Lobmeyr, who were commissioned for many royal and civic chandelier and glass services across Austria and Germany. Archduke Franz Josef of Austria (1830 – 1916) commissioned a large glass table service, and his brother Prince Ferdinand Maximilian, later briefly Emperor Maximilian I of Mexico (1832 – 67), commissioned a chandelier similar to this Osborne example.
A sketch survives in Lobmeyr's archive which unmistakably relates to this chandelier. The firm exhibited in the Great Exhibition in London in 1851, and although this model was not shown, it would have captured the interest of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert in the ‘modern’ use of glass and in being a reminder of Prince Albert’s childhood home at the Rosenau in Coburg, which featured interior décor of climbing plants and trelliswork in several rooms.

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