Pair of Art Nouveau engraved glass pointed ‘Acorn’ Lanterns

Pair of Art Nouveau engraved glass pointed ‘Acorn’ Lanterns


Pair of Art Nouveau engraved glass pointed ‘Acorn’ Lanterns:
of wrythen glass with deep engraving of entwining leafy branches; the gilded metal mount with pierced anthemion surmounts.
Circa 1910 and restored.

Height: 9½" - 24.0cm
Width: 5" - 13.0cm
Glossary Words


Of the reign of King Edward VII (1901-1910). Following on from the highly-ornamented Victorian age, the Edwardians' style was simpler, with weighty, classical lines, and decorous floral patterns. It celebrated the new electric era but they still continued to use candles, oil and gas in different parts of the house.

Art Nouveau

Late 19th and early 20th Century style originating in France and Belgium. Its influence spread all over Europe and America through periodicals like the Studio magazine. Typical characteristics were the whiplash, stylised swirling flower and plant motifs, female forms and sometimes sinister-looking insects. See Gallé, Lalique, Daum..


A palmette motif in the form of a stylised honeysuckle, found on classical Greek buildings such as the Erechtheum, in Athens, and often used as part of neo-classical decoration.

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