Gilded bronze and porcelain eight branch ‘Basket’ Chandelier

Gilded bronze and porcelain eight branch ‘Basket’ Chandelier


Gilded bronze and porcelain eight branch ‘Basket’ Chandelier:
the foliate candle branches on two tiers issuing from pierced basket suspended by four chains from top boss; the red and green decorated porcelain marked with the crossed swords associated with Dresden but much copied by others.
Probably French, circa 1880, and restored.

Height: 24" - 61.0cm
Width: 21" - 53.0cm
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Dresden porcelain, also called Meissen porcelain, was the first successfully produced true porcelain in Europe from 1710. The secret of European hard paste porcelain, was discovered under the commission of Augustus the Strong in Dresden by Johann Friedrich Böttger, an alchemist. Meissen dominated the style of European porcelain until about 1756, when leadership was taken by French Serves porcelain. Meissen porcelain is marked with crossed blue swords.


This word is often used of decoration in our descriptions and means leafy.

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